Workplace Wellness Programs


What are the benefits of a wellness program?

It can be hard to see the advantages of an employee wellness program at first glance. But the truth is healthy employees bring an array of benefits to the businesses they work for. Here are a few benefits of having an employee wellness program.

More productive employees
There are numerous studies that suggest a healthy lifestyle correlates with increased productivity. Don’t believe us? Next time you hit a rut, get your heart rate up and you’ll likely get back in the zone.

Less office stress
Too many people and companies accept workplace stress as the norm. But it leads to burnout, which can result in higher employee turnover.

Less colds, flu and other illnesses
Everyone knows healthy practices prevents illness. And business proceeds as usual when less sick days are taken.

Fewer office-related injuries
Taking a break to exercise or just stretch prevents common office injuries, resulting in fewer worker compensation claims.

Happier employees
Offering a wellness program leads to happier employees. They’ll appreciate the benefit and be generally positive because they’re leading a healthy life.


Healthy employees means a healthy business

An employee wellness program is more than just a cool employee perk. It’s an effective way to ensure your employees are in the right shape to do their best work