Special Events


Special Events Massage

Whether you are  planning a wedding, having a baby shower, celebrating a special birthday, or having a girls weekend at the cottage or girls night in,  incorporating massage therapy into your special event will be a big success. Having registered massage therapists from Glow With Us Mobile Massage bring a portable chair or massage table to your special event will provide your guests with ultimate relaxation and comfort.

Planning a wedding can be one of the most exciting and exhausting times of your life.  Don’t forget to enjoy the moment, take in the extraordinary upcoming changes in your life and the people around you that are dear to you.

At Glow With Us Mobile Massage, we want to help ease the stress caused by planning your special events.  Why not take an evening before the wedding day, and get together with your closest friends and family and take time to relax.  We provide registered massage therapy treatments at your special events. What a better way to keep focus on your special event, than to have a Wellness Evening.  This can be an opportunity for you and your bridal party to spend quality time together and enjoy exceptional service tailored just for you!
This special get-together allows you to enjoy each other’s company, reflect, and mentally prepare for the big day ahead. You may use this time to get together with key people in your party to discuss wedding planning, or you may choose to mentally unwind and appreciate the people supporting the wonderful changes taking place in your life- all while we are providing quality, professional, massage therapy treatments.

Wellness retreats at the cottage are becoming increasingly popular. Whether its with a group of friends, or part of a corporate wellness program, bringing health, wellness, and massage therapy to your oasis is the ultimate environment to restore and promote relaxation.

The options for On-Location Massage are limitless. Here are a couple more locations that we can provide service at:

Restaurants and Bars
Hen parties
Bridal parties
Film sets
Festivals, Concerts and Shows
Dance Competitions
Large fishing charters
You’ve probably got the idea by now that we can provide service almost anywhere.

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