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Leanne Sedentopf-Holistic Nutritionist

I’m the mom of 2 wonderfully exhausting girls.

Food makes me happy, but difficult to follow or overly fancy recipes make my brain hurt.

I love yoga and the outdoors just as much as I love drinking red wine while binge watching Friends on Netflix.

A remote lake in Algonquin Park used to be my ultimate happy place but now I day dream of spending a weekend alone in a hotel room, nothing to do but just sleep in that big, cushy king size bed.

I’m a walking contradiction. My pregnancy and birth experiences are no different.

I’ve had two very different birth experiences, the first ending in an unplanned caesarean section and the second ending in a home water birth. Both were challenging and empowering in their own ways. I’ve sought assistance from Lactation consultants, sleep experts, Doulas, etc.

I’ve been in the darkness of postpartum depression, that horrible hopeless place that feels like it will never end. My oldest was WAY over a year before she consistently slept through the night and my youngest had reflux which meant even more sleepless nights and slow moving, exhausting days that just blurred together. I’ve been there. I get it. I lost myself to motherhood, but I’ve come out the other side and you can too.
I’ve come out the other side and you can too.
What got me through (and still gets me through now) was that I learned I had to ask for help more often and to surround myself with people who fill me up and support me. I stopped pretending that I had it all together and could do it myself. That was a hard lesson to learn believe me!

I started saying no more often to some things and saying yes more often to other things. I have begun to acknowledge what I need and have found ways to get it without feeling guilty and realizing it made me a better mother and wife for taking care of myself. I’ve thrown out the idea of being perfect and am focused on BEING ME.

My girls are 5 and 2. I’m still somewhat new to the whole parenting game but I’m learning. What I want you to know is that I’ve been there. I AM THERE! I’m right there in the trenches with you. I’m trying to navigate school lunches, nap times, cold and flu, work/life balance, picky eaters, maintaining a healthy marriage as well as keeping me feeling healthy and whole. It’s A LOT! I get it.

My goal as a Holistic Nutritionist and Doula is to support women during the most vulnerable and empowering time of their lives. To support you know how to navigate the information overload and to trust your instincts to make the best decisions for you and your growing family. To support you to enter into this time as strong and healthy as possible and to feel that way throughout pregnancy and beyond. To support women to take responsibility for and be active participants in their health and wellness and to know that being a good mother does not have to come at the cost of themselves.

If you feel like you’ve lost yourself, I understand. I lost myself once too. Let me help you “Be YOU” again. You deserve to feel well, have energy and be excited about your life. It’s time to start. Be Honest. Be Open.
Be Committed. Be YOU!