Neck and Shoulder Massage

FAQ’s About Massage Therapy

Is Massage Therapy covered by OHIP?
No massage therapy is not covered by OHIP, but check into your extended health insurance plan for your coverage.

What are the qualifications of a Registered Massage Therapist?
Massage therapists licensed in Ontario must have completed a 2200 hour program at an accredited school, and passed a final board examination. At this point the therapist becomes registered receiving their registration number and ready to practice.

What should I expect with my first Mobile Massage Therapy Treatment?
A registered massage therapist will arrive with their portable table/chair, linens, oil and everything needed to provide a professional massage therapy treatment in your home, office or event setting. The therapist will arrive about 10 minutes prior to your treatment time, and go over your health history form. An assessment at this time may be provided. After your scheduled massage therapy session, your therapist will clean up, and go over any home care exercises or treatment plan for ongoing healing with you.

Will I feel sore after the massage therapy treatment?
Everyone responses differently to massage therapy, it is dependant on a few things. Your therapist will ensure communication throughout the session regarding pressure and comfort is monitored.
You may feel slightly fatigued after a massage treatment, and a relief from your aches and pains. If you are new to massage therapy, you may feel slightly sore superficially and may last 24 to 48 hours. This can be reduced by ensuring you rehydrate your tissues with water after the massage treatment, or soaking in an Epsom Salt bath for 20mins.

Can I receive a massage therapy session while Im pregnant?
Yes. As long as you are not experiencing any major compilations. Always check with your physician if you have any concerns.

When can I start receiving massage therapy after I find out Im pregnant?
You can start your massage therapy sessions as soon as you find out your pregnant. Some cautions to take in your first trimester such as no abdominal work or deep low back treatment should be done.

How long into my pregnancy can I receive massage therapy sessions?
You continue having regular pregnancy massage treatments up until you go into labor. Pillowing and positioning will change, but the benefit of receiving regular massage throughout your pregnancy stays constant. The massage treatments will continue reducing tension, relieving headaches, decreasing swelling, improving sleep, and immune function.

How long after having a caesarean section can I go for a massage therapy treatment? It is best to wait about 4-6 weeks post c-section.  Every woman heals differently, as long as there is no infection, fever or complications 4-6 weeks is the optimal time frame to wait.  This allows the mother to lye comfortably on the table.  Positioning will be adjusted to the suit the needs of the mother.