Stages of Healing

Massage Therapy and the Stages of Healing:


Relief: During the first few sessions of massage therapy, the registered massage therapist will aim to decrease the pain, reduce muscle tension, and relax stressed nerves.  The goal for the first few sessions will be to target the symptoms.

Correction: After the pain has subsided, the massage therapist will work on targeting the root of the problem.  Specific techniques will be used to target and stimulate your lymphatic system in turn releasing muscle tension and knots.

Strengthening: Strengthening is important in a badly damaged area.  Weakness at the injury site can mean recurring problems.  Techniques will be aimed at strengthening the tissues near the injury, enabling them to provide adequate support when the injury is healed.

Maintenance: Maintenance is the final stage in healing and the first step in preventing other injuries.  Maintenance techniques are aimed at treating the problem and preventing the occurrence of  a new problem.  The duration of this stage is dependant upon how the client heals and their self care regime.