Post-Natal Massage

Post- Natal Massage

Post-Natal Massage Oakville

Post-natal massage or post-partum massage is beneficial 6-8 months after the birth of your baby. It is a delicate time for a new mother emotionally and physically. She must reconnect with her body transformed from pregnancy, birthing, and hormonal shifts. Daily life is more physically demanding with new body positions and movements bending, lifting, carrying, and holding the baby while you manage to do other tasks. Breastfeeding, while exquisitely beautiful between mother and infant, is physically demanding. Hand and arm positioning to secure the infant while feeding can compromise sensitive ligaments in the wrist and hands that are overstretched due to the presence of hormones in the body during pregnancy.

Post-natal massage can have long-lasting physical, psychological, and emotional benefits. Therapeutic massage relieves specific aches and pains and imparts conscious touch that comforts the new mother.


Frequency of  Oakville Post-Natal Massage

For most new mothers, the recommended post-natal massage regimen is 6 sessions in the first 6 months post-partum. Each session is 60-75 minutes. You may choose one session per month or find it is most beneficial to schedule more frequent sessions during the first 6 weeks to help address specific aches and pains. Then schedule post-natal massage sessions every 4-6 weeks accordingly. Usually, post-natal massage clients wait until their 6-week post-partum doctor appointment to receive the actual medical allowance for massage. It is highly recommended to consult your doctor regarding post-natal massage.

Due to breastfeeding schedule or desire to remain close to their infants, some Oakville post-partum massage clients opt to bring their infant along to their massage session. In my therapeutic practice, infants are absolutely welcome and accommodated during their mothers’ sessions. While you as the new mother will be receiving caring therapeutic massage, the psychological benefits of relaxation and relief will positively transfer to your baby.

Oakville Post-Natal Massage Benefits

Some of the benefits of myofascial release and other therapeutic massage techniques used post-partum include:

Relieve sore and overstretched ligaments of the lumbar spine or lower back areas
Release tight hips and sore leg muscles
Normalize hormone levels in your body bringing you to a more balanced state of mind
Decrease any edema that is still present, flushing out metabolic waste that is in the blood and lymph systems
Soften Caesarean-section scar tissue and restore tone to the muscles and skin.
Overtime, after several successive sessions, postural imbalances that occurred during the course of pregnancy and possibly during labor can be addressed and improved.


Are you located in the Oakville area? Would you like to discuss if post-natal massage therapy could help you reduce the effects of hormonal imbalances and recover from the physical and emotional stress of birthing and your new daily life? If so, please contact one of our Oakville massage therapists today.