Chair_massage-girl1Create a relaxing mini getaway in the midst of your busy professional life.  You can make on-site chair or even table massage part of your standard operating procedure.  On-site chair massage is a great way to treat employees, clients, or even friends at a party.  An increasing number of people and companies are finding that onsite chair massage is a low-cost benefit with a high reward for everyone.

Benefits of On-Site Chair Massage

  •  Increased employee retention and job satisfaction
  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced corporate culture
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Providing a great incentive
  • Opening up  back muscles and relieves strain on the neck and shoulder area
  • Providing relief for your eyes, commonly from the computer screen
  • Decreased job, and everyday stresses
  • Increased circulation, and energy levels

A mobile chair massage appointment usually lasts from 10-20 minutes.  It focuses on high tension areas such as neck, back, shoulders, arms and hands.

Direct Marketing Opportunity

On-site chair massage at an event always draws a crowd so, while your visitors are waiting briefly in line to be pampered, representatives from your company can use that opportunity for direct, face-to-face marketing; increasing your fan base; talking about upcoming events or promotions; or simply getting feedback about the event. On-site chair massage is effective, affordable marketing at it’s best.


3 Pricing Options:

Your company pays us directly.
*Advantage: Following the growing trend of corporate wellness programs, your employees feel provided for and your company sees optimal benefits.
Your company subsidizes the cost and your staff pay a reduced rate.
*Advantage: This option works well for companies with a small wellness budget who still want to benefit from on-site wellness services.
We bring our services to your site and your employees pay for it directly.
*Advantage: accessibility! Your employees are much more likely to take advantage of these types of services if they’re convenient.